Stained Glass Panels For The Office

When many people think of stained glass windows they think most often of churches and once in awhile homes come to mind as well. Both places are great for installing stained glass, but an office can be a great location to have a gorgeous stained glass panel as well. There are a number of stained… Continue Reading

Keeping Stained Glass Panels Clean

Dirt and grime is the biggest enemy of the beautiful colors found in stained glass windows. It is always a good idea to periodically clean the glass with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. If done on a regular basis the stained glass panels in your home or office can be at there… Continue Reading

Purifying Air With Stained Glass Panels

Amazing news from the world of science regarding stained glass panels! According to Zhu Huai Yong, a material scientist at the Queensland University of Technology, stained glass windows are actually photo catalytic air purifiers. Tiny gold electrons in some stained glass when energized by the sun can destroy airborne pollutants. Though the science of this… Continue Reading

Restoring Stained Glass Panels

Lately I have been reading more and more of old buildings removing their stained glass panels in order to restore them and reinstall them back in the window frame. This is actually a very dangerous move which can result in the breakage for the glass window. Depending on the restoration that is needed most work can be completed… Continue Reading

Tiffany Stained Glass Dome

The largest known Tiffany stained glass dome in the world is located at the Chicago Cultural Center is reopening for the public after a large restoration project intended to bring the art glass back to its original glory. The glass was installed into the center in 1897 and over the year’s dirt and grime had… Continue Reading