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Wine Art In the Form Of Glass Lighting

Wine lovers enjoy buying and sharing fine wines with their friends. Many go as far as creating a perfect environment for sharing their wines to create the ideal atmosphere. This atmosphere for many includes the best wine accessories along with their stock of fine wines in a relaxing place in their home.

Of course lighting is important for this room and Meyda Tiffany has a excellent line of pendant lighting which features wine bottles as fixtures. These wine bottle lights are not only a great way to light up your home bar but a touch of wine art as well. Each pendant lighting is a wine bottle available in various colors from blue, to white, to green so they can match any décor.

Each wine bottle pendant light is custom crafted in Yorkville New York by Meyda Tiffany the leader in glass works for the home in classic as well as modern styles. These glass pendant lights are a superb addition to the relaxing area that a wine lover enjoys sharing their fine wines with their friends.