The Jewelry Of Louis C. Tiffany

Though Louis C. Tiffany is best known for his stained glass windows and Tiffany lamps the family business was and still is fine jewelry. Louis’s father, Charles Lewis Tiffany, used precious metals and rare gemstones to create beautiful jewelry to be sold at his Tiffany & Co. store.

When Charles passed away, Louis began working more at Tiffany & Co where he began designing his own fine jewelry. Instead of concentrating on jewelry for the American elite, Louis began thinking of jewelry affordable to the common man.
Whether you look at his stained glass panels or his fine handmade lamps Tiffany was a expert at bringing high quality items to more than just the elite. Tiffany was much more than an artist he was also one of the first industrial designers.

Jewelry designed by Louis Tiffany used stones that matched the colors he used in his beautiful stained glass works. These pieces featured gemstones from all over the US that wear the centerpiece in affordable jewelry that could be purchased and worn by the common man. Over the years this Tiffany art jewelry has been lost in the shadows of his other fine works but in recent years they have come back into the limelight.

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