The Many Employees of the Tiffany Glass Studios

When collectors of Tiffany stained glass panels and lamps consider these fine works of art in glass it is widely assumed that Louis Comfort Tiffany himself created them. In reality Tiffany had a hand in the design and creation of so many glass items and even other forms of media that he actually did not create the pieces themselves.

Instead the Tiffany studio employed many artists and other talented people to create the pieces Tiffany envisioned. This freed up the man behind the elegant stained glass to follow his artistic vision and continually improve upon and create beautiful pieces of fine art glass, which became the thing to have in your home at the time. Of course Tiffany did keep his hands on the daily operations and oversaw every single detail on the art glass panels and lamps, which carried his studios name.

Though considered art his glass works were always aimed at the collector who wanted only the best to display in their home, as Tiffany himself did. Tiffany is now famous for being both an artist of beautiful works as well as an industrial designer that made and shipped thousands of glass art pieces all over the world.

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